About Us

HI. I am Master Cacciola Luigi, I started practicing karate in 1976, when I was still a child. I obtained my black belt diploma (Kuro-Obi) after only 5 years in 1981.

After my military service, I approached competitive activity with enthusiasm, with good results also at a national level. But I achieved my great satisfaction after 1995, when I opened my first karate dojo, and I chose to embark on the path of teaching.

In all these years of practice, over a thousand athletes have participated in my lessons. Many of them have reached black belt, others have won competitions both nationally and internationally.

In my own experience, in addition to some titles in various Italian federations, I won for three consecutive years the WTKA World Championships in the dual kata specialty, with my son Gabriele.

After 28 years of teaching in Italy, having now become an esteemed and appreciated professional, I am now starting my new activity in Albania, where I am sure that I will obtain excellent results, opening soon the SHOTOKAN KARATE ACADEMY for all children and adults who decide to undertake this path of knowledge and growth in the world of Karate, self-defense and refereeing.

HI. I am Palanza Gabriella, Cacciola’s wife. I started practicing karate in 1989. Since the first year of practice I participated in some competitions, immediately obtaining prestigious results. My first national title dates back to 1999

In my competitive journey, I have won several national titles, and in 2006 with great satisfaction I climbed to the top step of the podium in the WTKA world championship. I became so fond of that podium that I continued to climb there without stopping until 2010, the year in which I ended my competitive career, while continuing to attend races as a coach or referee.

In addition to Karate I am also a Pilates teacher.